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BBQ Plates

Comes with Texas Toast. Choice of slaw, collards, beans, or potato salad.

#2 | choice of 2 MEATs | 18.95

#3 | choice of 3 MEATs | 23.95

Our featured meats:

  • Brisket

  • Tri-Tip

  • Hot Link

  • Pulled Pork

  • BBQ Pulled Chicken

  • BBQ Chicken (¼ Bird)

  • Baby Backs (Add $1)

Willard’s Fried Chicken | 16.95

Award Winning BBQ

Carolina Pulled Pork | ½ LB: 9.95 or 1lb: 17.95

BBQ Pulled Chicken | ½ LB: 9.95 or 1lb: 17.95

Texas Brisket | ½ LB: 12.95 or 1lb: 23.95

Santa Maria Tri-Tip | ½ LB: 12.95 or 1lb: 23.95

Baby backs | Half: 16.96 or Whole: 29.95

Hot Link | 6.95

Beef Ribs (Weekends Only - ‘til we run out! 2 per order) | 14.95

Scratch Sides

Good to share

Texas Toast | 1.95

big bread, butter, seasonings

Cornbread | 3.95

cornmeal, buttermilk, honey, chives, maple butter

Corn on the Cobb (GF) | 4.95

butter and holy seasoning

Loaded (Add $1.95) with bacon, chipotle aioli, cotija cheese, cilantro, parsley, scallions

House Slaw (GF) | 4.95

green & red cabbage, aioli, celery seed

Sweet Potato (GF) | 4.95

cleaned & baked, honey butter

Idaho Potato salad (GF) | 5.95

russets, vinegar, celery, egg, chives, dill, real mayo

Kettle Beans | 5.95

cured bacon, braised onion, house spices, Q-sauce

Collards (GF) | 5.95

slow braised, vinegar, ham hocks, sweet onion, pork belly

Holy Fries | 6.95

house made & double crispy fried, smokey ketchup

O-Rings | 6.95

sweet onions, spicy buttermilk, seasoned corn flour

Mac & Cheese | 7.95

aged vermont, two cheddars, monterey jack, bechamel


Pork Rinds | 5.95

salt & vinegar 

Crispy Pickles | 6.95

buttermilk dressing

Sliders (2) | 7.95

pulled pork or chicken, house slaw, brioche 

Loaded Taters | 8.95

fried potatoes, cheese, bacon, chives, sour cream 

Chick-n-Nuggets | 12.95

(Buffalo style or plain)

crispy fried boneless chicken & buttermilk dressing            

Cowboy Nachos | 14.95

Texas brisket, tortillas, chili, cheddar, sour cream, scallions, slaw, queso and jalapeno

Buffalo Wings | 6 PCS: 7.95 | 12 PCS: 13.95

hot or bbq

Between Bread

Comes with a choice of small slaw, beans, fries, potato salad, or collards. Sandwiches can be made gluten-free upon request

Rodeo Grilled Cheese | 11.95

brisket or pulled pork

BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwich | 12.95

crispy onion, Vermont cheddar, cilantro, pickled red onion, brioche bun

The Hog | 12.95                                            

smoked pulled pork, Carolina sauce, slaw, crispy onion, b&b pickles, brioche bun

Firebird | 13.95

grilled bbq chicken breast, iceberg, tomato, real mayo, Q-sauce, crispy onion,  brioche bun

Fried Chicken Sando | 13.95

buttermilk battered breast, honey-ale mustard, Vermont cheddar, b&b pickles, brioche bun

Old West Burger | 13.95

½ LB USDA choice ground chuck, bacon, cheddar, onion rings, Q Sauce

House Brisket | 14.95                                

slow smoked, chopped beef brisket, Q-sauce, slaw, pickled onions, brioche bun 

Tri-Tip | 14.95                                                

slow roasted tri-tip, chimichurri OR Q-sauce,  garlic roll

Good & Green

Smokey Corn Chowder | 5.95

fire roasted sweet corn, russetts, fresh cream, Wisconsin cheddar, chives, smoked bacon

Chuckwagon Chili | 6.95

USDA choice ground chuck, bean medley, tap beer, chili seasoning, trinity

House salad | 8.95

(GF w/ vinaigrette)

crisp lettuce, baby tomato, cucumber, roasted corn, buttermilk dressing

Quinoa & Kale | 12.95                       

kale, kalamatas, cucumber, faro, edamame, herbs, pickled onion, vinaigrette

Real McCoy | 12.95     

(GF if no croutons, sub vinaigrette)

romaine hearts, tiny tomatoes, avocado, beets, cucumber, roasted corn, big crouton, buttermilk dressing

Southern Chicken | 15.95

(GF if sub grilled chicken)

frisee, greens, crisp bacon, cherry tomato, charred corn, scallions, white cheddar, honey mustard vinaigrette, crispy chicken

BBQ Chop| 15.95                                         

crisp lettuce, black beans, roasted corn, scallion, tomato, cilantro, crisp tortilla, BBQ and buttermilk dressing, choice of Tri-Tip (Add $1) or BBQ Chicken

The Skinny | 15.95

grilled chicken, sweet potato, organic kale, vinaigrette 

(add Tri-Tip for $1)


House made with love

Big Cookie | 2.25

housemade, chocolate chip

Elvis in a Jar | 7.95

ripe banana, peanut butter chunk, chocolate fudge in vanilla bean ice cream, candied bacon, whip cream, nuts 

Peach Crumb | 7.95

sweet peaches, brown sugar & oat crumb—served warm

A la mode (add $2) 

Chocolate Bread Pudding | 7.95

brioche, vanilla bean cream, chocolate, sugar & spice, fresh whip cream—served warm

Banana Cream | 7.95

fresh vanilla bean custard, banana brulee, whip cream, toasted almond, wafer


Sodas | 3.5

Coke, Diet Coke and Sprite

Iced Tea | 3.5

brewed fresh daily

Real Lemonade (house made daily) | 3.95

fresh lemons, filtered water, ice, simple syrup

IBC Root Beer | 3.95 

Sparkling Water | 3.95

Signature Sauces

At Holy Cow our signature sauces are made from scratch daily and inspired by the regions across America that made them famous

ALL: ½ Pint: 4.95 | Pint: 8.95 | Quart: 13.95


Our Signature Sauce! Sweet & smoky - perfect on Ribs, Chicken & Tri-tip


Rich, savory & spicy. Brisket’s best friend!


Tangy & sweet. A must with our Pulled Pork!


Tart with just the right amount of kick!  Great on Fried Chicken.


Slow smoked with hickory wood for over 2 hours. Hello French Fries!

Party Packs

THE PONY | $59

(Feeds up to 4) 

Whole BBQ Chicken & choice of Pulled pork or Brisket, 2 sides & Texas toast or Cornbread


(feeds up to 6)

Whole BBQ chicken and rack of ribs & choice of pulled pork or brisket, 2 sides & Texas toast or Cornbread


(feeds up to 10)

2 Whole BBQ Chicken, 2 Racks of ribs & choice of pulled pork or Brisket, 2 sides & Texas toast or Cornbread

THE RODEO | $299

(feeds up to 20) 

4 Whole BBQ Chickens, 4 Racks of Ribs, Pulled Pork & Brisket, 3 Sides & Texas Toast or Cornbread


Party Pack Sides: Slaw, Collards, Beans, or potato salad